Nigeria Immigration Salary For SSCE and Rank 2024

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If you have an SSCE certificate holder and you are interested in working for the Nigeria Immigration Service, you might be wondering how much salary you can earn and what rank you can attain. In this blog post, we will answer these questions and give you some useful information about the immigration service.

First of all, you should know that the Nigeria Immigration Service pays its members from the moment they start their training. This means that even if you have only an SSCE certificate, you will receive a training allowance while you learn the skills and knowledge required for the job.

However, the training allowance is not permanent and it will stop once you complete your basic training and become a full-fledged member of the immigration service. Then, you will start receiving your regular salary according to your rank and experience.

Immigration Salary For SSCE

So, how much is the immigration salary for SSCE holders? According to our research, the average monthly salary for SSCE holders in the immigration service ranges from N40,000 to N95,000. This depends on several factors, such as your rank, your years of service, your performance and your location.

As you can see, the salary is not fixed and it can increase as you progress in your career. The more years you spend in the service, the more chances you have to get promoted to a higher rank and earn a higher salary.

Immigration Rank For SSCE

Now, let’s talk about the immigration rank for SSCE holders. The lowest rank in the immigration service that you can join with an SSCE certificate is Passport Officer. This is the entry-level position for those who have only a secondary school education.

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As a Passport Officer, your main duty is to process passport applications and issue passports to eligible citizens. You will also be responsible for verifying the identity and documents of applicants, collecting fees and maintaining records.

However, being a Passport Officer is not the end of your career path. You can always improve your skills and qualifications and apply for promotion to a higher rank. The immigration service has a well-defined hierarchy and a clear promotion system that rewards hard work and dedication.

The next rank after Passport Officer is Assistant Immigration Officer III. To qualify for this rank, you need to have at least two years of experience as a Passport Officer and pass a written examination.

As an Assistant Immigration Officer III, you will have more responsibilities and duties, such as enforcing immigration laws, conducting investigations, patrolling borders and airports, and supervising junior officers.

The highest rank that you can attain with an SSCE certificate is Assistant Immigration Officer I. To reach this rank, you need to have at least eight years of experience in the service and pass another written examination.

As an Assistant Immigration Officer I, you will be in charge of managing and coordinating immigration operations, policies and programs. You will also have the authority to make decisions and recommendations on immigration matters.


In conclusion, joining the immigration service with an SSCE certificate is a good opportunity to start a rewarding career in the public sector. You will not only earn a decent salary but also enjoy other benefits such as pension, health insurance, housing allowance and training opportunities.

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However, you should also be prepared to face some challenges and difficulties in the job. The immigration service is a demanding and stressful profession that requires physical fitness, mental alertness, discipline and integrity. You will also have to deal with various issues such as corruption, human trafficking, terrorism and illegal migration.

Therefore, before you apply for the job, make sure that you have the passion and commitment to serve your country and protect its borders.

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