INEC Salary Structure: How Much Do INEC Officers Earn in Nigeria?

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If you are interested in working for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) or you are just curious about how much they pay their staff, then this blog post is for you.

INEC is the body responsible for conducting elections in Nigeria. It has various categories of staff, ranging from permanent staff to ad hoc staff.

In this post, I will give you an overview of the INEC salary structure, based on the available information from reliable sources.

Please note that the figures may vary depending on the level, position, location, and negotiation of the staff.

INEC Permanent Staff Salary Structure

The permanent staff of INEC are those who work full-time for the commission. They are usually recruited through a competitive process and undergo training and induction.

The permanent staff of INEC are divided into different grades and steps, according to their qualifications and experience.

The lowest grade is Grade Level 07 (GL 07), which is for holders of Ordinary National Diploma (OND) or its equivalent. The highest grade is Grade Level 17 (GL 17), which is for directors and senior officers.

The salary structure of INEC permanent staff is based on the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS), which is the same as that of other federal civil servants in Nigeria.

According to the CONPSS, the annual basic salary of a GL 07 officer is N1,073,217, while that of a GL 17 officer is N5,452,136.

However, the basic salary is not the only component of the INEC salary structure. There are other allowances and benefits that are added to the basic salary, such as transport allowance, housing allowance, leave allowance, meal subsidy, utility allowance, hardship allowance, and so on.

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These allowances vary depending on the grade level and location of the staff. For example, a GL 07 officer in Abuja may receive a higher transport allowance than a GL 07 officer in Sokoto.

Therefore, it is difficult to give an exact figure for the total monthly or annual salary of an INEC permanent staff. However, based on some estimates from online sources, the average monthly salary of an INEC permanent staff ranges from N150,000 to N800,000.

INEC Ad Hoc Staff Salary Structure

The ad hoc staff of INEC are those who are hired temporarily to assist in the conduct of elections. They are usually drawn from various institutions and organizations, such as the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and so on.

The ad hoc staff of INEC are also divided into different categories, depending on their roles and responsibilities. Some of the common categories are:

  • Presiding Officers (POs)
  • Assistant Presiding Officers (APOs)
  • Supervisory Presiding Officers (SPOs)
  • Collation Officers (COs)
  • Returning Officers (ROs)

The salary structure of INEC ad hoc staff is not based on the CONPSS, but rather on a fixed amount that is determined by the commission for each election.

The amount may vary depending on the type and level of election, as well as the category and location of the ad hoc staff.

INEC Adhoc Staff Election Allowance

Listd below are INEC Adhoc staff welfare on election day.

INEC Adhoc Staff Salary Structure

Job Role
 Employment/ grade  level
 Salary (₦)
Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO) at INEC
GL 10 – 14
 ₦ 1,060,833 – ₦2,101,600
Presiding officer (PO) / Assistant Presiding officer (APO)
GL 07
₦638,133 – ₦961,577
Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager
GL 07
₦ 638,133 – ₦961,577
Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH)
GL 07
₦638,133 – ₦961,577

Salary Structure For INEC and Qualifications

Grade Level
Salary Range per Annum
SSCE ( O’level )
Grade Level (GL 04)
₦376,194 – ₦497,000
Grade Level (GL 07)
₦638,133 – ₦961,577 / HND
Grade Level (GL 08)
₦799,421 – ₦1,174,395
Grade Level (GL 14)
₦1,503,149 – ₦2,101,600

I hope this post has given you some insight into the INEC salary structure. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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