What do you wear for a job interview? There is a simple way to find out

It’s simple: to a job interview you wear a suit with a tie as a man and a beautiful dress with a jacket or a trouser suit as a woman. However?

Unfortunately, those times are long behind us.

“One of the most common mistakes made in job interviews is that people follow old-fashioned dress advice or don’t take the time to immerse themselves in the company culture,” Marc Cenedella told Business Insider. He is CEO of career site Ladders.

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At many companies, employees now wear casual clothes, so if your future boss walks in thongs and you knock on the door in your smartest clothes, it might be a little strange.

While it’s certainly true that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed in a job interview, you also want to show that you fit in well with the culture of the company. And adapting your clothes to the company is part of that.

“If you come to a job interview too neatly, your future colleagues may draw conclusions. They may think that you cannot adapt well to your environment,” says Cenedella.

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To avoid that, it’s best to call your recruiter or a friend within the company and ask what to wear. When you call that friend, it’s helpful to make sure he’s on the team wherever you end up – clothing styles can vary within the company.

According to Cenedella, you can ask the recruiter or friend these questions:

  • Do many people wear a tie?
  • Do many people wear flip flops or sandals?
  • I have my conversation with person X and Y, what do they usually wear for clothes?
  • If I put on a suit, would I feel uncomfortable with you in that?

For the real sleuths, Cenedella also has a good tip: you can take a look at the Facebook and Twitter pages of the company. With a bit of luck there will be photos of your future colleagues and you can deduce how formally they dress for their work.

For the real sleuths Cenedella also has a good tip you can

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“Some sectors, functions or companies are simply more formal than you may be used to,” says Cenedella. “Or rather more informally. It is up to you to delve into it and choose the right outfit.”

When in doubt, according to Cenedella, it is best to go for the dress code “smart business casual”. You choose neat clothes, shoes and accessories. Below is an image for clarification:

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