Video app TikTok is more than videos with dances – this is what you need to know as a professional about marketing via social video

You have probably heard of the Chinese video app TikTok. The social medium is all about watching and posting short videos, often accompanied by dances. All of this is extremely popular with Gen Z. The app was already popular before Covid-19, but now that we are at home en masse looking for entertainment, the number of unique visitors to TikTok in the US has increased by more than 48 percent between January and March ( !) increased.

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Like it or not, digital video has become a part of our daily lives. Not only for entertainment, but also for business purposes. Just look at the fact that as a professional you are forced to have contact with your colleagues via online video and video calling. TikTok for personal and professional marketing

In times of corona, TikTok sometimes even turns out to be a competitor for LinkedIn in the field of recruitment. Take American Benji Bezemer – known online as @Bonjee. He is a data analyst from Panama who recently lost his job due to Covid-19 budget cuts. Bonjee struggled to convey his distinctive skills to potential employers. “I had to be creative,” he writes on Medium. “I was stuck in my room. A terrible situation with zero opportunities to earn an income. Meanwhile, LinkedIn was inundated with people with much better resumes looking for the same jobs.”

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Bonjee didn’t immediately have a game plan, but knew that digital video has a strong engagement. Especially now that many people watch a lot of videos on social out of pure quarantine boredom. Bonjee made a self-mockery TikTok video to convey his talents and hopefully get the attention of potential employers. His marketing campaign proved successful: the video went viral, received 14,800 likes and 192 comments. But more importantly, within two days he had a full-time job. @bonjee

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original sound – bonjee

The question, of course, is: is this an isolated case or indeed a good way for the average job seeker to put themselves in the spotlight?

In any case, it shows that the corona crisis is changing the way people seek contact – personally and professionally.

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eMarketer, part of Business Insider Intelligence, made a detailed report about marketing on TikTok. The study provides insight into the role of video for the rest of 2020.

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