This is what the reception-free New York office of an office space design specialist looks like – with wall vines and wireless workspaces

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M Moser is an office space design firm with headquarters in Hong Kong and 21 branches worldwide, including Amsterdam.

Business Insider visited the New York office. It is housed in the famous Woolworth Building, which was temporarily the tallest building in the world at the beginning of the last century.

Business Insider visited the New York office

The corporate philosophy of arranging office spaces in such a way as to encourage collaboration and maximize productivity is reflected in the design of M Moser’s own offices.

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This caught our eye when visiting M Moser’s New York office.

“We’ve done this because we don’t want to create barriers for visitors and make them feel like a part of our corporate culture,” the company’s chief designer Charlton Hutton told Business Insider. “So that means space not only for employees, but also for partners, customers, friends and family who are part of what we’re doing here.”

Weve done this because we dont want to

There are lockers at the entrance where employees can store their belongings. They do not have an access pass, but can enter the office with their thumbprint.

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Near the entrance is a large digital screen with the latest news, local weather and general information. The IWB helps international teams communicate and collaborate better with each other.

Near the entrance is a large digital screen with the

Once inside, there are no fixed workplaces. Employees can choose from regular desks, high desks, standing tables or a private office.

M Moser has designed the office in such a way that employees have a wide choice of different workplaces. They can choose to sit or stand, look out a window, or a completely different kind of place. As a result, the workplace meets their specific needs and productivity increases, says Hutton.

M Moser has designed the office in such a

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Because everyone is constantly moving places, M Moser’s office is 100 percent wireless. Employees use a portable battery to charge their laptops and telephones.

At the end of the working day, they leave the battery behind in a special charging cabinet – which is another time to socialize. “It makes us truly mobile, because people can grab the batteries whenever they want and go anywhere,” says M Moser workplace strategist Grant Christofely.

At the end of the working day they leave

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The office also has 5 green walls, or walls that are completely covered with plants. They provide fresh air, so that employees remain more alert and healthier.

M Moser has also installed air quality meters to check that at least 90 percent clean and pure air is circulating during the working day.The company uses green and blue colors for the walls and chairs in places that require quiet and concentrated work. Orange and other bright colors are for “active zones” where there is a lot of talking.

M Moser has also installed air quality meters to

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M Moser also uses special lighting that adapts to the time of day. In the afternoon, the lamps have a cool, blue glow that helps employees stay focused and alert. Towards evening the light turns yellower to announce the end of the working day.

All in all, M Moser’s approach means that employees have a lot to choose from. “Everyone likes something different,” Hutton says. “We try to enable all employees to work in their own way, whether it is a sofa, a standing table, a bar stool or an ergonomic office chair.”

All in all M Mosers approach means that employees have a lot to

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