This is how a job interview can go if your recruiter is an algorithm – this digital artist created an interactive AI project you can try yourself

“How is your relationship with your mother?” is not exactly a question you would expect during a job interview.

But in a world where artificial intelligence will play an important role in job applications, these kinds of bizarre and socially inappropriate questions may become commonplace. So says a digital artist who wants to warn what the future could look like if we don’t pay attention.

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In the new interactive online project ‘An Interview With Alex’, Chinese-born New York-based multimedia artist Carrie Sijia Wang shows a world where the job interview is conducted by an AI recruiter.

AI recruiter analyzes your face during a job interview

In about 12 minutes, Alex analyzes your facial expressions, speech patterns, solutions you give to abstract puzzles and your answers to personal and intrusive questions like the one above.

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Wang tells Business Insider that the questions are based on a famous study in which people have to create intimacy with each other by asking each other 36 personal questions.

Alex’s goal is to determine if you fit the fictional company Open Mind. In addition, he ominously says that this is “the largest, and in the short term the only, general-purpose company in the world.”

Alex tells you that Open Mind values ​​playfulness, connection, openness and positivity and is looking for “mini-gamers” to win small games that help the company in an unclear way. You don’t have to worry, because you are “completely protected from the consequences of your actions”.

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“The project mocks companies that place a lot of emphasis on the importance of optimism,” Wang told Business Insider.

The role of artificial intelligence in the workplace is growing

Wang says she initially thought of the project as “speculative fiction” and that it all seemed a bit far-fetched, but that during her research she realized that using artificial intelligence in the hiring process and management in itself was “pretty weird and absurd.” is”.

She cites examples of complaints from Uber drivers that are managed by an algorithm.

As the role that artificial intelligence plays in the workplace grows, the question arises as to how exactly applications work and for whom.

“AI adopts the prejudices of its creators and often looks like a black box to the user.

Author: Jobly