These are the most popular employers among Dutch students: lawyers go for the government or Zuidas, technicians for Tesla

Dutch students prefer to work for the national government, KLM and Tesla. This is evident from the annual ranking of ‘Most Attractive Employers’ by research agency Universum, which was published on Tuesday.

This year’s survey was conducted among nearly 30,000 students at universities and colleges in the Netherlands. Universum has been surveying students’ preferences for employers in the Netherlands since 2009. The national government is the most popular employer for law students, KLM has pushed beer brewer Heineken from the top spot among business students, and technical students still prefer to work for electric car maker Tesla.

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Students cite job challenge, future salary and a work environment in which they feel respected as the most important factors in choosing an employer. Law students choose government and prestigious law firms

The national government has been the most popular employer among law students in the annual survey by Universum since 2013. In this year’s survey, more than 37 percent of law students indicated that they would prefer to work for the national government after completing their studies.

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There are also three prestigious law firms in the top five: Loyens en Loeff (2), Trip Advocaten en Notarissen (4) and De Haan Advocaten en Notarissen (5)

In between, the airline KLM is in third place. Appealing American companies such as Apple, Google and Nike are also high on the list of most popular employers of 2020 among law students.

Tesla remains most popular with techies, Philips loses appeal

Technical students prefer to work for the Tesla of Elon Musk, who regularly turns a corner. It’s like for the fourth year in a row that techs put Tesla at the top of the list of most popular employers. The gap with the number two Google has narrowed.

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We also find the national government in third place and technical students also enjoy working at leading Dutch companies such as Philips, KLM, Shell, Unilever and Heineken. It is also striking that Philips has fallen out of the top three for the first time since the first publication of the list in 2009. Business and marketing students want to go to KLM, Heineken and Apple

Business and marketing students prefer to work at KLM, which has reclaimed the lead from Heineken. At least that’s what they said when the survey was conducted between October 2019 and mid-April 2020. Since the outbreak of the corona crisis, KLM has run into serious financial problems and had to knock on government support because almost all passenger flights had to be cancelled.Heineken had to give up the lead to KLM, but is still mentioned as the most popular workplace by more than 21 percent of business and marketing students. This is followed by four major American companies: Apple, Nike, Google and Tesla.

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It is also noticeable that the national government has made a big jump from 15th to 8th place.

Challenges, salary and respect most important choice factors

When choosing an employer, in addition to their salary, students mainly look at how big the challenge will be in their future workplace and how much respect they expect to receive for what they do.

For business and law students, the future salary is the most important thing and for techies, the challenge that their work can offer is of great importance.

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Other frequently mentioned choice factors are innovative strength, career opportunities and job security.

Author: Jobly