Student clubs fear that more first-years will stop their studies – they can become socially isolated due to corona

Due to corona, more first-year students will stop their studies next school year. This is feared by the National Student Union (LSVb) and the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO), which are calling on the House of Representatives and educational institutions to pay extra attention to this. “We are very concerned that first-year students, if they have already found a student room, will become isolated in their new city,” Freya Chiappino, vice president of the LSVb, told the AD.

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According to her, it is “extremely important that a first-year student comes into contact with fellow students”. But this is made more difficult by the corona measures. She fears that students will end up in social isolation and drop out sooner as a result. “It is very difficult to get to know your new city, educational institution and fellow students without physical introductory activities and lectures.”

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“Following digital lectures requires a completely different kind of energy from students,” Chiappino explains in the AD. “At a new school or university you run into all sorts of little things. How do you find your way in the library? How do you approach that assignment? Normally during the break of a lecture you can discuss a difficult article with fellow students that you do not quite understand. understands. Online the threshold for meeting each other is much higher.”

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Chairman of the Interurban Student Consultation Dahran Çoban considers student well-being and good supervision important to prevent dropout. “Now the start of college is exciting anyway, let alone in a period of social distancing and isolation,” Çoban said in a statement. “Extra attention to discussing these mental challenges is therefore of great importance.”

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The student organizations argue for more guidance for first-years

The student organizations see that there are major differences between students, despite the efforts of educational institutions to ensure that the introduction takes place in an adapted form. The LSVb and the ISO therefore state that more guidance should be provided during the first hundred days. This gives the students a “soft landing”. “Give prospective students the opportunity to discover what there is to do in the city but also around the educational institution,” says Chiappino. “This helps to increase the connection with the city and the involvement in studying.”

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On average, 7 percent of first-years drop out at universities. In higher professional education it is about 30 percent.

Author: Jobly