PvdA wants minimum wage to €14 in exchange for budget support in the Senate

The PvdA wants the minimum wage to 14 euros in exchange for support for the budget of the cabinet in the Senate. In addition, the brand new PvdA party leader Attje Kuiken will urge the Rutte cabinet to tackle sham constructions.

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A number of things in the Netherlands need to be “fundamentally different”, Kuiken further told WNL on Sunday. “Next week we will start a conversation with Sigrid Kaag and Mark Rutte, then we’ll see how seriously they take it. Then we see what they are prepared to do.”

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To pay for the extra expenses, the PvdA looks to the wealthy. “They can contribute more.”

Kuiken was also asked about the chaos at Schiphol in recent weeks. Bad employment practices and a lack of appreciation for certain groups of employees there, such as baggage handlers, are the root of the problems, she says. She said she spoke on Friday with Schiphol boss and PvdA leader Dick Benschop.

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“I have discussed very clearly what I think is necessary,” says Kuiken. According to her, Benschop agreed with many of her points. “Higher wages, more permanent work, investment in people and training are needed. That has not happened in recent years.” Kuiken also sees a role for the cabinet in this, since the government is a major shareholder in the airport.

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Author: Jobly