Prosus boss gets €38.5 million and tops the ranking of high earners – other top incomes in business moderate

Topman Bob van Dijk received 38.5 million euros last year for his work at the company Prosus. Last year he received a share package worth 36 million euros in addition to a base salary of 1.24 million euros and a bonus of 1.1 million euros. His total reward came to 38.5 million euros with some other extras. This puts the newcomer at 1 in the list of high earners.

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Apart from a huge share package for the boss of newcomer Prosus, the split-off investment arm of the South African media and tech conglomerate Naspers, top incomes were moderate last year, according to a study by de Volkskrant into the remuneration of the CEOs of 114 leading companies. and organizations. Due to the corona crisis, top incomes will most likely fall this year.

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Nancy McKinstry is the number two. The American earned another 14.8 million euros last year, bringing her total in sixteen years as boss of information provider Wolters Kluwer to about 130 million euros. Third on the list of high earners is Glen Fogel, the boss of booking company Booking, with 13 million euros.

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Due to the compensation explosion at Prosus, top incomes in the corporate sector rose by 8.6 percent last year. A CEO earned an average of 2.25 million euros last year, more than one and a half tons more than a year earlier. An employee’s wage costs (not the wage itself) also rose sharply, by 7.25 percent. The pay gap in the corporate world rose slightly on average, from 30 to 32. A board chairman earned 32 times more than the average employee last year, according to the newspaper.

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Author: Jobly