Number of vacancies falls, but sometimes less rapidly – ​​demand for hairdressers is rising fastest

Since the corona crisis that erupted in mid-March, the number of vacancies has fallen sharply, but the decline in a number of sectors is now slowing down.

This applies, for example, to nursing, construction, installation technology, production, retail, storage and transhipment, and hospitality and tourism.

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Since May until now, salespeople, carpenters and cleaners are most in demand. And not surprisingly: care providers and nurses are continuously in the top five. What is striking are the vacancies for hairdressers, which have increased by 43 percent since hairdressers have been allowed to open again. Delivery workers, weekend helpers and holiday workers are also in demand. The number of vacancies is still falling fastest in the catering industry, despite the fact that cafes and restaurants have been open again since 1 June. At the beginning of May, there were still 69.2 percent fewer vacancies than last year, and in June this is over 70 percent. There is, however, a slight increase for vacancies in which people are asked for ‘catering employee’.

Since May until now salespeople carpenters and cleaners are most in demand

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In the equally hard hit sectors and hospitality and tourism things seem to be improving. At the beginning of May there was a drop of 68.3 percent, this has fallen back to 69.1 percent. It is premature to speak of recovery, but the relaxation of the measures and an upcoming holiday in our own country will probably contribute to the more positive trend, says Arjan Vissers, responsible for strategy at Indeed Benelux. for a ‘staycation’, a holiday in our own country.”

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Author: Jobly