Number of vacancies appears to be declining slightly due to economic uncertainty – Randstad still sees a lot of demand for temporary workers

The number of vacancies in the Netherlands has recently started to decline. Indeed, that is what it says is the largest job site in the Netherlands. According to Arjan Vissers, data specialist at the organization, this is partly due to the economic uncertainty since the war in Ukraine and the growth in the number of open jobs seems to be coming to an end.

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Due to the recovery from the corona crisis, the number of vacancies mainly rose and the labor market became increasingly tight. “The current economic problems are leading to some reluctance among employers when it comes to posting vacancies,” says Vissers. In April, the decline was 2 percent on a monthly basis. The number of vacancies is still 42 percent higher than in February 2020, before the pandemic.

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In the hospitality industry, for example, Indeed saw “for the first time in a long time” fewer vacancies to be filled. “Recently, there has been relatively more interest in a job in the hospitality industry,” says Vissers. “It is also possible that the staff who earned money in another sector during the closure of the catering industry, will return or want to return.”

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There was also a stabilization in healthcare, where many vacancies arose after the outbreak of the pandemic. The number of vacancies for doctors and surgeons even decreased. There was still more demand for nurses, but the growth was small.

Randstad sees strong demand for staff at the start of 2022

Temporary employment group Randstad took full advantage of the high demand for people in the first quarter of this year. The group’s turnover increased year-on-year by a fifth to 6.6 billion euros. Under its own steam, turnover increased by 15 percent.

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Due to the strong economic recovery from the corona crisis, the demand for personnel is very high. As a result, there are staff shortages in several sectors. This means that Randstad can maintain higher margins for the hiring of workers. Gross profit was 22 percent higher at 280 million euros. Below the line, 209 million euros remained. That was 153 million a year earlier.

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CEO Sander van ‘t Noordende speaks in an explanation of a strong start to the year. He acknowledges that it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find suitable personnel. The trend of the first months of this year will also continue in the second quarter. He also states that a lot of uncertainties remain in the market.

Author: Jobly