More than half of home workers do not want to go to the office yet – ‘they can adhere to the corona rules, but colleagues cannot’

More than half of the Dutch who work from home because of the new coronavirus want to continue to do so until there is a vaccine against the virus. That is the outcome of a study that discount website had carried out.

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Half of those surveyed think that their colleagues will not comply with the corona measures. 81 percent expect to do this themselves. Moreover, half of the respondents think that their office cannot be made corona-proof.

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The overall hygiene in the office is a reason for 24 percent of the respondents not to want to go back yet. In addition, the journey to work is an obstacle. More than two thirds say they want to avoid public transport for the time being.

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The survey was conducted by research agency Panelinzicht among 1012 Dutch people. All respondents currently work from home.

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