Hourly rates self-employed: lawyers and doctors are above €70, hairdressers and waiters around €20

One freelancer is not the other. While lawyers, doctors and software developers earn (well) above 70 euros per hour, there are also plenty of professions where the average hourly rate is no more than about 20 euros. childcare provider, cleaner, teaching assistant, waiter or bartender, according to the Talent Monitor of HR service provider HeadFirst Group and labor market data specialist Intelligence Group. According to CEO Marion van Happen of HeadFirst Group, bogus self-employment is more common in professional groups of self-employed workers where relatively low hourly wages are paid. “The most acute problems with bogus self-employment arise at the base of the labor market, where hourly rates are low,” she says.

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The authors of the Talent Monitor have listed which professions are overrepresented in the various rate groups for self-employed workers. In addition to lawyers, doctors and software developers, the highest rate group also includes specialists in the financial and administrative field. Well-paid freelancers should, if it is up to Van Happen, be given plenty of space to do business. “We must not ignore this large group of self-employed people who consciously choose to do business in freedom, who have a strong negotiating position and who are very satisfied with the working conditions,” says the CEO of HeadFirst Group. “If the new cabinet focuses on appropriate measures for professions with lower hourly rates, we can successfully work towards clarity for all self-employed workers and their clients.”

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Painters and artists are in demand

In order to determine whether self-employed workers have an idea of ​​an increase in their rates, the HeadFirst Group and the Intelligence Group also looked at the scarcity that prevails in the labor market per profession. This shows that cleaners, teaching assistants, child caretakers, shop salespeople, waiters and bartenders and bartenders have little prospect of better pay, because there are enough of them. This also applies to the approximately 25,000 freelance hairdressers in the Netherlands, who earn an average of 23 euros per hour. There is a large shortage of painters and cleaners of buildings and construction workers. They currently earn an average of 30 euros or more and have a rosy financial prospects on the labor market. Creative and performing artists are also scarce. Their average hourly rate is 23 euros, but they have a view of more.

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Author: Jobly