“Half of the Dutch also want to work from home after corona, but colleagues are missed”

Almost half of the Dutch expect to work from home more often after the corona crisis. It saves a lot of travel time, the day is easier to organize and there is more time for family life, are stated as reasons. But it doesn’t just have benefits. For example, we miss the chat at the coffee machine. These are conclusions from research by Intermediair and Nationale Vacaturebank among more than 1000 Dutch people.

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Despite the relaxation of the measures, working from home remains the advice until September. There appears to be sufficient support for this: 53 percent is positive about it. For example, people can organize their own time better (61 percent) and almost a third indicate that they have more time for the family. People without children concentrate better

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People without children say they exercise more than before. Also, people without children can concentrate better at home than at the workplace (43 percent). This does not apply to people with children: only 25 percent say they can concentrate better.

Yet almost 60 percent say they miss their colleagues. This is even higher for HBO and WO graduates. We also miss the change in environment (39 percent). The researchers find it worrying that one in five respondents indicates that they get back and/or neck complaints. For 13 percent, loneliness is a reason to want to go back to the office.

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Earlier it became clear that working from home also means that people work more hours. Four in ten Dutch people who work from home due to the corona crisis work longer at home than at the office, LinkedIn reported based on a survey of more than a thousand professionals working from home in the Netherlands.

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