Google rolls out a special search function for vacancies in the Netherlands – and immediately binds a few large job boards to it

In the near future, Google will also emerge as a vacancy search engine in the Netherlands through its Job Search function. From the end of this week, job seekers in our country will be able to view specific vacancies via the Google search menu. Anyone who enters a job title on Google will see three relevant vacancies at the top from next week, instead of a list of advertisements from job websites. What that looks like is illustrated in the image below. According to Google, the first selection is based on an algorithm that filters for relevance. The selection cannot be influenced commercially.

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You can then click through to see a longer vacancy list. This can be adjusted with filters such as location, preference for full-time or part-time employment, the sector and the employer. It is also possible to set up e-mail notifications. In the event of potentially interesting vacancies, you will be redirected to the employer’s website. In this respect, the search function of Google differs from that of LinkedIn, for example, where you can apply directly via the job site. Google promises to help people find a suitable vacancy more easily

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The search function of Google should lead to a better selection of vacancies. “It is still quite difficult to look for a job via Google,” said director Martijn Bertisen of Google in the Netherlands on Tuesday during a virtual press meeting. Google starts with a number of large partners in the Netherlands. This includes DPG Recruitment (from the Nationale Vacaturebank and Intermediair), Randstad, Monsterboard and the central government (with the Working for the Netherlands platform).

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“A third of our potential applicants now come in via Google. They are often offered outdated or inappropriate vacancies,” says DPG Recruitment director Sharita Boon in an explanation. Boon expects the improved search functionality to change that.

A third of our potential applicants now come in via Google

Monsterboard claims to have positive experiences with Job Search in other countries. The new position will lead to a higher number of applications in the United Kingdom and Germany, among others. Temporary employment giant Randstad hopes to connect job seekers and employers more quickly with Google’s new vacancy function. Google’s search function is available to all employers in the Netherlands and completely free, according to Google. To participate, employers must set up their website on a number of points in such a way that Google can recognize vacancies. The tech giant does not want to say how many companies already use Job Search. However, there are already “hundreds of thousands of vacancies”, according to a spokesperson.

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Other job boards critical of Google

Google’s job search, which launched in 2017, has drawn a lot of criticism from other job boards.Brussels then promised to take a closer look at Job Search. For example, Google could give its own search function more priority compared to other job boards

During the press meeting, Bertisen, director of Google Netherlands, indicated on Tuesday that Google has recently added a bar to its search function, where job seekers can click through to, for example, end up at LinkedIn or Indeed. “We did that after the feedback from Brussels.”

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Author: Jobly