Dramatic drop in the number of workers looking for a new job: 11% actively engaged – but there are bright spots

Because of the corona crisis, people with a job stay where they are and do not apply. That reports data company Intelligence Group based on a survey among employees. Only 6.6 percent of people in paid employment are currently actively looking for a job. The total labor market activity of the Dutch working population, all people who are actively looking for a job, is now at 10.8 percent. That is the lowest point since 2011, according to Intelligence Group.

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“A small bright spot is the expectation that the active supply of employees will increase slightly in the coming weeks,” said Geert-Jan Waasdorp, director of Intelligence Group. Effect of easing lockdown is starting to become visible

Where four weeks ago the end of the workload was in sight, it now seems to be slowly filling up again. For example, the data company sees that the number of hours that people can work less due to the corona crisis is decreasing from 22 percent a few weeks ago to 15 percent less now. Recruitment app NOWJOBS also expects a boom in new summer jobs from 1 June.

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“New jobs have been created recently due to the coronavirus, such as shopping cart cleaners and hostess jobs to point out the corona rules in busy places such as shopping centers,” the recruitment organization said. The company mainly provides a lot of new work for beach and patio runners, disinfectants, ice cream sellers, drive-in cinema employees and enforcers.

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Author: Jobly