6 things Efteling does to encourage employees and visitors to come by bicycle or e-bike

Cycling to work has an incredible number of advantages. For example, you don’t have to use public transport, which is very nice in times of corona. But it is also healthier and you save money.

The Efteling has been profiling itself for several years as a bicycle ambassador. At first glance, that may not sound very logical: after all, the Efteling receives visitors who drive to the amusement park from all over the country with a car full of children. So no matter how hard you try, for a significant part of the visitors the bicycle is simply not an option.

But there is also another side: many Efteling season ticket holders live relatively close to the amusement park in Kaatsheuvel and the same applies to employees. A regular bicycle or e-bike can be particularly interesting for the latter group: if they are consistently on their bicycles every day, there is a lot to be gained.

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Business Insider asked Efteling what the amusement park operator is doing to encourage its employees to come by bicycle. Here are 6 measures that other employers might also learn from:

Mileage allowance for car and bicycle are equal

Although employers have been able to give a kilometer allowance of 19 cents to cycling employees for years, they ‘do not make optimal use of it’. This is unfortunate for employees who live close to their work, because then it is financially more attractive to take the car than the bicycle.

The situation is different at Efteling: employees there receive the same mileage allowance for their car journey as their bicycle ride. In this way, the company hopes to get employees on their bicycles. Interest-free loan for the purchase of a bicycle

Cycling is a lot less fun if you don’t have a good bike and without gears that have to go up a high bridge, or are constantly carrying out repairs. That is why Efteling employees can take out an interest-free loan from their employer to make it easier to buy a brand new bicycle. Changing rooms and showers at work

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If you live a short distance from work, you may not want to cycle for fear of arriving sweaty. Efteling noticed that this was an obstacle for people to cycle.

“We have investigated the objections to cycling and these are often practical considerations,” says Laura van den Bos, communication specialist at Efteling. “That’s why the showers and changing rooms have been made more visible and we hope to be able to provide lockers, bicycle pumps and tire repair kits soon.”

Bicycles for gifts

In addition, Efteling created a special month last year to encourage cycling. May 2019 was renamed the cycling month.We also regularly do promotions.”

If employees cycle a certain number of times, they can purchase gifts in a web shop. “This can be a weekend in one of our accommodations, but also something smaller such as the Efteling Monopoly game.”

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In addition, a bicycle party was organized during the cycling month, where employees were given an explanation about different types of bicycles and could also try them, and there was a bicycle relay.

Collaborated on fast bike path

To make the cycle route to the Efteling safer and faster, the amusement park has contributed to a fast cycle route. With both money and land, the park has helped to make the bicycle path possible, in the hope that employees and visitors will choose the bicycle more quickly.

For visitors: bicycle parking is free and parking is more expensive

Visitors with a subscription could already park their bicycles for free at the Efteling, but now the park has made the bicycle shed free for everyone. “The bicycle shed is right in front of the entrance, so that’s nice,” says Van den Bos.

In addition, a parking ticket has actually become more expensive. Visitors first paid a tenner, now it is 12.50 euros. “It is also difficult to encourage guests to come by bicycle: they often cover a lot of kilometers and, on average, come with a well-filled car: 3.8 people per car (including two children) and a buggy, handcart and cool box,” says Van den Bos. Efteling tries to map the effect of all these measures by measuring things. It turned out that the fast cycle route had a clear positive effect. “In the summer (after the opening, ed.) we measured an increase in the number of cyclists from 20 percent to 25 percent at one of our staff entrances,” said Wyke Smit, manager of Efteling’s Administrative Affairs last December in a magazine of the Efteling. Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

And Efteling can also be cautiously positive about 2020. In 2019, 17 percent of employees cycled on average once a week, in the first weeks of 2020 this was 18 percent.A detailed description can be found in the privacy statement.*

Author: Jobly