2 in 5 Dutch people work longer at home than at the office – this way you stay healthy and productive while working from home

Four in ten Dutch people who work from home due to the corona crisis work longer at home than at the office. LinkedIn reports this on the basis of a survey of more than a thousand professionals working from home in the Netherlands.

Also, 31 percent of home workers experience more work stress than usual and almost half of home workers move less than before. Also read: With these 8 gadgets and tools you stay fit while working from home

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Concentration also appears to be a challenge: 37 percent find it more difficult to focus at home and more than a quarter get less work done.

Kiki de Jonge, assistant professor of organizational psychology at the University of Groningen, emphasizes that practical circumstances have a major influence on work stress and working longer. “Do you have a good working environment, can you work in peace without distraction? It also differs per person whether working from home suits you or not.”

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But the corona crisis itself is also a reason for experiencing extra stress. “Questions like ‘how long will it take?’ or ‘what impact will the crisis have on me and my work?’ are now living with many people, of course,” says De Jonge.

LinkedIn also found positive effects of working from home. For example, a third of Dutch employees experience more quality time with children or the family.

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Author: Jobly