1 in 6 employees feels redundant – but in corona time, changing jobs is not popular

About 1 in six Dutch employees feels redundant in the workplace. At the same time, the vast majority of employees want to stay with their current employer. This is apparent from studies by the Antwerp Management School and Intermediair respectively.

Especially employees who have been employed for a long time and who carry out everyday routine tasks struggle with this feeling, reports the Antwerp Management School based on a survey of 3,870 employees and 2,498 managers.

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Especially workers in the trade, logistics and transport sectors think that their skills are redundant, such as administrative employees, parcel deliverers and store staff. Share employees no longer find their skills valuable

Nearly one in five employees say they have many skills that are no longer valuable. Nearly a quarter fear that his or her job will be jeopardized if a reorganization is implemented.

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Employers also do not see much potential in some of their employees. For example, about a quarter of employers believe that the majority of their employees are not capable of growing within the company and that some employees will soon become completely obsolete as technology resources continue to evolve.

Employees who fear for their future and see their skills as “rusted in” are usually employees for whom job-specific knowledge is especially important, and who value their general skills less highly, says professor Ans de Vos of the Antwerp Management School. “This makes them think they have fewer opportunities in a reorganization or job change.”

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Employee base due to corona crisis

A poll by Intermedair and the Nationale Vacaturebank among 1,000 Dutch people shows that the corona crisis limits the need to change jobs. Only 8 percent of those surveyed say they want to change jobs this year. Three quarters don’t like it at all.

“People who work in paid employment are less inclined to look at other work than before corona. We do see that there are more job vacancies, but these are mainly the workers who have lost their work due to the corona crisis,” says Dennis van Allemeersch from National Vacancy Bank. Among the self-employed, 45 percent say they have too few assignments, but only 13 percent are considering looking for a permanent job.

Author: Jobly