With a job bank, this entrepreneur wants to link sustainable companies to employees who want to make an impact

Accelerating the transition to a sustainable society, that is the mission of entrepreneur Patrick Schneider. During his work as CEO for Vacu Vin, the family-owned company that is internationally known for its vacuum pump for wine bottles, he increasingly ran into the disadvantages of the consumer society. “For example, major retail platforms sold bad copies of our products and took no responsibility at all” , he outlines. “These kinds of parties really only care about profit. I realized that this is a development that will ultimately not make it on this planet and I decided to commit myself to a more sustainable society.” Schneider resigned from his position as CEO and started Responsible Together, an organization that aims to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society. The company’s various initiatives – including a podcast, a sustainable online store and an expert team that helps companies on a freelance basis with their sustainable direction – are all focused on making maximum impact.

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His latest initiative isbaanmetimpact.nl, a job board that connects sustainable employers and job seekers. The entrepreneur tells Business Insider more about this initiative.

What exactly is jobmetimpact.nl?

Schneider: “It is a digital job board that connects impact companies, as we call sustainable and social enterprises, with like-minded job seekers. At the moment there are vacancies from Seepje, Werkse! and Pieter Pot.” “In principle, any company can post a vacancy on the platform, but if a vacancy turns out not to match a sustainable initiative, it will be removed. In the beginning we worked with pre-approval and we even rewritten some vacancies, but that is no longer feasible as we grow further. We do want to move towards a fixed structure that the advertisements on our platform must comply with, so that unsuitable vacancies are filtered out in advance.”

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“Transparency and clarity are extremely important with a concept like this. The job seeker must be sure that the company he is applying for really wants to make an impact, and it is also nice for the company to know in advance that the job seeker is applying with the right intentions.”

How did you get the idea?

“Because of my shopping platform Consuming for Good, I have a lot of contact with sustainable companies. It is often start-up companies that really want to make a difference. If you want to grow with such a mission, it is important that everyone within the company is on the same page.”

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“Entrepreneurs who run a sustainable or social company do not do so for the money, but out of conviction.When companies find the right people, their corporate culture is maintained. With this job bank I want to help sustainable companies to find employees with the same DNA.” But there are already sustainable job boards, don’t they?

“There are already green job boards, but we focus on all companies that want to make an impact. So also socially. We see that this also goes hand in hand at many companies.” “What also distinguishes us from other initiatives is that we really care about all vacancies and not just those of sustainability managers. You will also come across vacancies for a receptionist or IT specialist, for example. After all, everyone within a sustainable or social company contributes to that higher goal.” Why is this so important?

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“It is no longer news to anyone that things are not going well with the earth, but many people struggle with what they can change about it. Consumers cannot do much with big terms such as reducing CO2 emissions; that’s all too far from their bed. That is why I try to launch practical initiatives with Responsible Together that make sustainability manageable. “Many of those companies – just likebaanmetimpact.nl – have to grow even further in the coming period. But my motto is that starting is the most important thing, because if we all just keep talking, nothing will happen.” “I hope that eventually everyone who has doubts about her or his current job will come and take a look at us. If everyone does that and consciously chooses a job with impact for their next job, the world will eventually change by itself.”

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Author: Jobly