“We should do away with the word ‘vegetable’ and call everything ‘salad'”

A new agricultural revolution is on the way, according to trend watcher Adjiedj Bakas. “We have to, because we are growing to 10 billion people in the world.”

In the field of seed distribution, however, many innovations are coming that can ensure that we can feed everyone. This also creates opportunities to combine healthy and tasty food, Bakas notes. “For example, people are working on adapting bitter vegetables that help against high blood pressure in such a way that people like the taste, while retaining the active ingredients.”

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Bakas has another tip for healthy food marketers: “We should abolish the word ‘vegetable’ and call everything ‘salad’. If you say to someone: ‘Do you like vegetables?’, it quickly becomes ‘Mweh. If you ask: ‘Do you like salad?’ They immediately say ‘yes!’.”

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