Vacancy market picks up for construction and installation technology – catering and cleaning are still having a hard time

The number of vacancies in the Dutch business community increased last month. On balance, the number of vacancies in most sectors is still below the level of comparable periods last year. But the minuses are getting smaller and smaller.

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Indeed reports this based on its own figures.

At industry level, the demand for vacancies is relatively strong in construction, nursing, civil engineering and installation engineering.

In the tourism sector, catering, cleaning and retail, there are still considerably fewer vacancies compared to a year earlier.

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“The recovery in the job market continues,” notes Arjan Vissers, who is responsible for strategy at Indeed Benelux. “The worst affected sectors are still lagging behind when it comes to attracting new employees due to the corona measures, but the first step forward has been made. In addition, the holiday period and the fact that many people in the Netherlands go on holiday have a positive influence on this. Numbers.”

The recovery in the job market continues notes Arjan

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Vissers notes that new vacancies, ie vacancies that have been posted in the past seven days, are doing better lately than a year ago. “A good signal for the coming period. Where we normally see vacancies decrease slightly in the summer period, employers are now recruiting employees again after they were forced to slow down.”

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Carpenters, sellers and packing employees wanted

In terms of individual occupations, Indeed has compiled a list of the top 10 jobs with the most vacancies and jobs where demand is rising the most. Carpenters, salesmen and nurses in particular were in high demand among employers in July.

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Indeed claims to be the largest job site in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The company helps job seekers in more than 60 countries find millions of job openings.

Indeed claims to be the largest job site in

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