Vacancies are online on average 13 days shorter in times of corona – video interviews speed up the application process

In times of corona, employers find a suitable candidate for an open vacancy more quickly. Data company Intelligence Group reports this on the basis of an analysis of vacancies by Jobdigger. The average time that vacancies at direct employers were online has fallen from 60 days in the period before and at the start of corona to an average of 47 days.

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A similar shift can be seen at staffing, recruitment and selection agencies. Before corona, vacancies were online for an average of about 34 days, now that is 29 days.

According to the data company, the shift comes with the introduction of online video interviews, which are easier and faster to schedule. This speeds up the entire hiring process.

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Vacancies filled faster in almost all professions

The faster turnaround time for vacancies occurs in almost all professions. The decline in lead time is strongest in the professions of service personnel and salespeople.

The faster turnaround time for vacancies occurs in almost all professions

The turnaround time has only increased for craftsmen, probably because video applications are less obvious for this target group and physical appointments are less easy to make.

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Earlier this month, a survey by job site Indeed showed that the number of vacancies is almost back to pre-coronavirus levels.

At the end of last month, had nearly 6 percent fewer job openings than it had been during the same period before the pandemic. This means that the job market continues to improve, after it reached a low point around June last year. Then there were about 40 percent fewer vacancies than usual.

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