Unemployment remains stable, but there are large differences between sectors

The number of unemployed rose slightly in February, but the labor force also grew, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Unemployment as a percentage of the labor force was equal to January at 3.6 percent.

The unemployment rate actually fell sharply in previous months. The number of unemployed in February, based on the new figures, was about 340,000 people.

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The unemployment rate is measured through polls where people who are actively looking for a job, but not in paid work, are classified as unemployed.

In the figures, people who are not actively looking for work, or are not available for it, are not included in the working population. These people therefore do not count as unemployed. In recent months, more people have started looking for a job. At the same time, the number of people who found a job in the past three months has exceeded the number of dropouts. There were 194 thousand people who immediately found a job, while fewer people (172 thousand) left the labor market.

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Large increase in unemployment benefits among young people

The UWV provided 2.5 thousand fewer unemployment benefits in the past month than in January. Viewed over a whole year, the number of unemployment benefits has increased; compared to a year read, there are 45,900 more people at home on unemployment benefits.

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The largest increase in benefits can be seen among young people, while the oldest age group is actually doing relatively well.

Last month it became clear that some sectors are being hit hard by the consequences of the crisis, while others are feeling little pain. Sectors such as retail, catering and catering, the temporary employment sector and the cultural sector are suffering hard from the consequences of the stricter lockdown.

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