Unemployment decreases again due to the reopening of the economy: 9.1 million people have work in the Netherlands

The decline in unemployment this year continued last month. In August, the unemployment rate rose slightly for the first time in months, but in September the rate fell to 3.1 percent, the level of July.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), this means that a total of 292,000 people are unemployed. According to CBS, thousands of people managed to get back to work in the last month of the massive corona support to the business community. Thanks to the support, relatively few unemployed remained in the previous months.

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Various branches have also reopened in the summer months, which were previously closed due to the corona measures. This allowed more people to work there. Young people in particular have probably benefited from this.

With the outbreak of the corona crisis in 2020, the number of unemployed suddenly increased rapidly. In November, however, a reversal was already visible, until March 2021 unemployment declined rapidly after that. Fewer benefits in the hotel and catering industry

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Over the past three months, the number of workers aged 15 to 75 years has increased by an average of 22,000 per month to 9.1 million, according to the statistics office. The employment rate increased most among young people.

In addition to the unemployed, there were also 3.7 million other unemployed people in this age group. They have not recently looked for a new job or were not immediately available. They are therefore not included in the working population at Statistics Netherlands. Their numbers have fallen by an average of 22,000 per month in the last three months.

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At the end of last month, the UWV benefits agency provided 207,900 unemployment benefits. That was 4,700 fewer than in August. As in previous months, the UWV noticed a strong decrease, especially in the hotel and catering industry, with a drop of more than 12 percent. Other sectors in which there was a relatively strong decline in the number of unemployment benefits were the cultural sector, cleaning and retail.

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