TikTok is piloting video applications – and remember that applying for jobs is not done in public

The popular social media platform TikTok is trying to make it easier for young people to apply to companies. At the same time, this makes it easier for companies to reach a younger target group with their vacancies. TikTok is now piloting video applications in the US. The pilot, called TikTok Resumes, will run through July 31 and will allow users to apply to more than 30 major US companies. Names like Nascar, Target, Shopify and even the wrestling federation WWE are looking for new employees through the Chinese social media platform. Offering job openings and the opportunity to apply builds on how people already use TikTok. Through the hashtag #CareerTok, influencers and others share everything about building a career. For TikTok, the application function is an easy way to earn extra money from companies that already have a presence on the platform.

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Applications are public videos

Although it is still a trial, TikTok Resumes has not yet focused on the privacy of the applicant. You can apply for a job at one of the thirty companies by recording a video in which you tell everything about yourself. You place this on the platform with a specific tag and submit it via the corresponding website, so that the company can see this video.

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The problem is that everyone, not just the company you are applying to, can see your application. Also your potential current employer. In addition, there is no way to check whether your publicly shared application has actually been seen by the company’s recruiter. TikTok does indicate in an instructional video for Resumes that applicants should not share their email address and last name in the video application.

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The video app has been under fire for some time for the way it handles user privacy. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Data Protection Authority is investigating TikTok. The watchdog is investigating how and whether the privacy of users, especially children under the age of 13, is guaranteed. ALSO READ: 12-year-old girl sues TikTok over the way the video app handles children’s data.

Author: Jobly