Tightness on the labor market is increasing: more vacancies but also fewer unemployed

Employers looking for staff were again able to choose from fewer candidates in the third quarter. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) sees that the ratio between the number of vacancies and the unemployed is becoming increasingly skewed. The number of jobs for employees and the self-employed also exceeded 11 million for the first time.

According to the statisticians, this increasing tension in the labor market is mainly caused by the continued growth in the number of vacancies. Record number of vacancies

According to the statisticians this increasing tension in

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Most people were looking for personnel in trade, business services and healthcare. These sectors together account for half of all unfilled vacancies. But the increase in the number of vacant positions can be seen in almost all sectors, with the exception of the information and communication industry.

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Relatively speaking, the demand for staff is greatest in the hospitality industry. At the end of September, 83 vacancies per 1000 employees had been posted in this sector. The demand for personnel is also high in the information and communication sector.

Relatively speaking the demand for staff is greatest

More vacancies filled

The number of vacancies that were filled or that had expired also reached the highest level ever observed by Statistics Netherlands, namely 330,000. That is 38,000 more than in the second quarter. But that did not prevent it from becoming even more difficult to find staff, given the rapid growth in the number of vacancies.

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Unemployment has been falling for four quarters. In the third quarter, 294,000 people were looking for work and immediately available to work, or 3.1 percent of the workforce.

Unemployment has been falling for four quarters

Author: Jobly