This way your e-mail immediately stands out when you apply for a new job

Every day 269 billion e-mails whiz across the internet. Standing out in the crowd is therefore more difficult than ever. We have listed a few tips for a job application email.

The email is usually the first point of contact between job seekers and HR managers. The subject line can make all the difference. After all, you want to make a good first impression.

So how do you get your target to actually open your message and start reading?

keep it short

The typical mailbox shows about 60 characters of a subject line. But a mobile inbox often only shows 25 to 30 characters, according to Amanda Augustine of TopResume. So keep your subject line concise and preferably only use keywords.

The typical mailbox shows about characters of a subject line

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Because short is better, you should make a choice from the tips below. You can never put them all in one subject line without it getting too long. So think carefully about what is most relevant for the vacancy for which you are applying.

Example: Application for Human Resources Assistant

Put important words first

Half of all e-mails reach the addressee on his or her smartphone, a share that will only increase in the coming years. This is reported by Dmitri Leonov, a manager at email service SaneBox.

Half of all emails reach the addressee on his

Because you can’t know exactly how much of your subject line is visible, it’s a good idea to put the most important words first. This can sometimes seem a bit contrived, but that is not a problem for a concise opening.

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Example: Marketing manager with 8 years of experience

Be clear and specific

Six seconds is the average time recruiters spend on your resume, says Augustine. So they will not spend much more time on the email with which you send the whole thing to them. So make sure that your subject line communicates exactly who you are and why you are emailing. Avoid vague phrases such as “resume for vacancy” and specify which job interests you.

Six seconds is the average time recruiters spend on your resume says Augustine

Example: Application for a sales vacancy following a network drink

Use logical keywords for findability

It will not surprise you that HR managers have certain filters on their mail. This allows them to immediately forward messages with certain keywords to a folder, so that their mailbox does the sorting work for them. Whether they can later find emails more easily by subject.

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So think carefully about the words you use in your subject line – but also in the rest of the text.Please include this reference number in the subject line along with the position. Finally, paste your name after it to prevent it from getting in the way at the beginning.

So think carefully about the words you use in your subject line

Example: Data researcher, no. 1234 – Marleen Maas job application

Never use capitals

Capitals attract attention, but in the wrong way. You yell instead of communicating in a normal way. Your e-mail is not intended to make the recipient nervous or to immediately throw your message away out of irritation. So rather use colons and dashes to separate different parts of your subject line.

Example: Quest: award-winning creative in Amsterdam

Author: Jobly