This is what a garden office for quiet work can look like: ‘In the past you got a company car, soon you will have a complete home workplace’

And then there was corona. Everyone with a non-essential profession suddenly had to work from home. There you sit at your non-ergonomic dining table. And with a bit of bad luck you live small, you have children who do not go to school and also a partner who is forced to work from home. It is therefore not surprising that there is a lot of demand for alternative workplaces outside the office that offer the possibility to bring peace and focus. This can range from flexible workplaces at workspace providers such as WeWork to ‘tiny offices’ that you can place in the garden as ready-to-use units.

And then there was corona

A company that, partly out of necessity, is responding to this is KOP, a design agency that has been offering office units for the garden for six months.

The Dutch company from Vaassen, which previously designed and built stands for trade fairs and exhibitions, saw that business come to a complete standstill last year. High time to radically change course, thought CEO Marius Bos.

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And that’s how the idea for 20ft Concepts was born, Bos tells Business Insider: ready-made units for workplaces and wellness, among other things. “With the Workhub concept for setting up home workplaces, we have already supported HR managers and facility managers who have to guide the transition from the office to working from home. With 20ft Office we go one step further,” says Bos.

And thats how the idea for ft

“We now have framework contracts with large companies. During the first Covid wave, there was already a lot of talk about working from home, but companies did not yet have a real policy. In the second wave, companies were better prepared and the orders actually arrived,” Bos says.

Ambition enough. Bos wants to roll out a number of concepts nationwide after the summer. “Of course nobody knows where it will end. But it is clear that it will be a combination of office and home working. The office is really getting a different function than a year and a half ago. In the past you received a company car as a secondary employment condition, in the future this will rather become a fully catered home workplace. In Belgium there are already companies that offer office units of the company.”

Ambition enough

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The KOP garden offices come in three sizes: the 10ft (with outer dimensions of approximately 3 meters by 2.4 meters for the length and width), the 20ft (with outer dimensions of more than 6 meters by 2.4 meters for the length and width) and the 40ft (on request). View the photo impression of these ‘tiny offices’ below:

The 10ft Office: standard model without toilet

There is no toilet in the garden office. There is electric heating, you have two recessed spotlights and sockets. Indeed, space is limited for the 10ft unit. You can’t do much more than sit at your desk.The floor is made of vinyl, the hinges and locks are made of wood and comes in different versions

There is no toilet in the garden office

So they are nicely converted sea containers. In principle, the unit is delivered in its entirety and fully assembled, on a trailer and if necessary with a crane. The inner size is approximately 2.56 meters by 2.17 meters and the windows are made of HR+++ glass

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You see chairs and a desk, but furniture is not included in the starting price. The workplaces are only for sale for the time being, a lease option is in the works

The 20ft Office – for more comfort and space, with a starting price of €27,600

If desired, the 20ft can be equipped with a kitchenette and toilet. Funding is not necessary. The workplaces can be set up in different ways. They are usually placed on stainless steel screw piles. And if that is really too soggy, a plate is placed and it is “on the adhesive”.

If desired the ft can be equipped with a kitchenette and toilet

The 20ft has electric heating, 10 recessed spots and you can have it done in different materials and colors

Whether you need a permit differs per municipality. The inner size is about 5.64 meters by 2.14 meters

You have 2 double and 1 single socket at your disposal. How you want to work depends on your budget and preference. You can choose from different types of wood for frames and door frames. The color of your unit is of course also up to you. The units are completely new and are paneled in the Netherlands

You have double and single socket at your disposal

Finishing the floor, walls and exterior is up to you. And also whether you want a kitchen, toilet, air conditioning or underfloor heating.

And this is what it might look like from above

Of course you can also work in pairs in the 20ft Unit

Author: Jobly