This is how you stand out as a company in the tight labor market – according to this HR manager of a European top recruiter

“Good growth opportunities. That is what talent mainly looks at when looking for a job,” says HR manager Alexandra van de Poll. And that is of great importance in the current tight labor market.

Employees have the choice of employers, they know from her employer Michael Page – part of the PageGroup. The specialist in the recruitment and selection of permanent and interim professionals recruits talent for thousands of companies in 35 countries.

Van de Poll: “It’s our job to let employees get the best out of themselves. People must continue to develop. That is why we determine a career path with each employee. During this career path, he or she follows a wide range of training and education.”

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Think, for example, of management training or courses in the commercial field. Employees appreciate it. “Even in the exit interviews, employees are enthusiastic about our trainers,” says the expert. “We offer commercial and professional training, but we also have a growing range in the field of personal development. For example, employees have asked for NLP training to learn how to communicate better.” NLP stands for neurolinguistic programming. A method for personal development and communication that focuses, among other things, on discovering unconscious behavioral patterns.

Due to its results-oriented approach, Page has been high in the rankings of best European employers for years. And that’s because they approach things slightly differently. For Van de Poll, the most important thing is that people like to come and work for the company and continue to work there. “I saw a nice quote recently. Loosely translated: if you are lucky enough to be an employer, you also have an obligation to make sure that people look forward to coming to work.” This is only possible in a safe, inclusive working environment, in which everyone can be themselves, emphasizes Van de Poll: “It starts with management; we pay a lot of attention to inclusive management of teams, so that everyone feels heard and valued.”

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Always enough people in the workplace

That is why, for example, the workload is carefully considered. Van de Poll: “It is important to identify potential staff shortages in good time and to involve people. We do this through thorough staff planning based on growth forecasts and staff turnover. So that we always have enough people on the work floor.”

In the current tight labor market, this requires creative ideas. “We recently started Page Talent: a job board for internships. We link our customers to students who are looking for an internship.“Every year we pay extra attention to a specific theme and plan various actions.” The latter is important: “By planning concrete actions, you prevent a subject from being talked about a lot, but little changing.” Well-being was the theme in 2020. “Our people received tips to make working from home easier. We still use the experiences in the new normal. How do you ensure that people can work from home, but that there is still a connection with the workplace?”

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The current theme is sustainability. “For example, we look critically at our fleet. Is a lease car necessary now that everyone works from home a lot? We try to tempt employees to choose an alternative. Such a lease car entails costs, also for the employee. An attractive alternative helps to convince people. Employees who use a shared car will receive a public transport card and compensation. And the possibility to rent a car cheaply, for example for a holiday.”

Pension plan that offers choice

Michael Page regularly reviews all aspects of the organization. For example, does the pension scheme still meet the wishes of the organization and the employees? Reason for recently switching to an Aegon Cappital pension plan.

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Van de Poll: “We were looking for a modern party that unburdens us, shows good investment results in the long term and with whom we can collaborate in a pleasant – preferably digital – way.” Important requirement: the scheme had to give employees room to shape their own income for later. “As an employer, you then have the task of informing employees about these options. Our pension provider helps us with that.”

Protect employees from risks

The pension scheme makes it possible for employees to build up a good income for later. It also provides benefits to surviving relatives, but that is less well known. A pity, says Van de Poll. “As an employer, you want to protect your employees against major financial risks.”

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A good survivor’s pension was therefore an important condition when compiling the new pension scheme at Aegon Cappital. A basic provision is also included that, in the event of incapacity for work, supplements the incapacity benefit that the employee receives from the government. “On other points, we make the choice to cover risks with the employee himself. For example, arranging an Anw shortfall pension. In the event of your death, your partner will receive an extra partner’s pension. An arrangement that is important for families, but not for singles. Then why would you pay for it? We provide employees with a lot of information about such matters.As an employer, you want to arrange things well for your employees. Aegon and Business Insider are happy to help you with that. By pointing out obstacles and opportunities in good time. And by offering the right products and services, such as an Aegon Cappital pension plan.

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Author: Jobly