This is how you can find the one that suits your company from the 5 best HR tools of 2021

Gone are the days when you, as an employee, arranged leave by letter. You can now easily consult your leave days and pay slips via an app. An HRM tool is almost indispensable, repetitive assignments no longer have to be performed manually by your staff.

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And it doesn’t stop there. In most tools you can manage a digital file of every employee. This way you can easily keep an overview. Or how about HRM systems that help you in the recruitment and selection process of new talent? It works simply. In the system you manage vacancies and things such as notes from a job interview.

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There is also HRM software with a time registration module to keep track of hours, overtime and deviating hourly wages. You can even link this module to your payroll administration and convert hours worked directly into a digital pay slip.

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Four tips to make the right choice for HRM software

1. What do I really need?

Create a project group and map out together which wishes exist in the company. Which processes should the tool support and who will work with it? Which HRM packages might be appropriate.

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2. Make a preselection

Below is a list of the best HRM solutions for SMBs. They all offer slightly different functionalities. Take a critical look at this when you make a pre-selection.

The 5 best HRM packages for SMEs in the Netherlands:

3. Just compare

Which two or three suppliers appeal to you the most? Which ones offer the best mix of price, feature, and reviews? Almost every provider offers a free trial period to test the software without obligation. Take advantage of this!

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4. Make your final choice

What about ease of use and functionality during the trial period? And just as important: how was the support? Were your questions answered quickly and correctly? If you can answer these questions with ‘yes’, then you have probably found your ideal solution.

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The 5 best HRM packages for SMEs in the Netherlands:.

Author: Jobly