These Rotterdam twins came up with a recruitment tool that selects candidates for a job through games

Equalture, the Rotterdam company of twin sisters Fleur and Charlotte Melkert, developed recruitment software that ensures an unbiased selection of candidates. Their tool screens job applicants using neuroscientific computer games. The gamification of the recruitment process enables the company to objectively predict how a candidate will perform within the desired role in an organization.

“Our tool makes a successful match by measuring candidates’ cognitive skills and personality traits and not based on prejudice,” said Charlotte Melkert, who holds the position of CEO within the company.

Business Insider spoke with her about the recruitment software and how they hope to realize a more inclusive hiring policy in organizations. How did you come up with the idea to use computer games in the selection process?

Melkert: “This is not the first company that me and Fleur run together. During our studies we founded a recruitment agency, aimed at female finance professionals. We discovered how difficult it is to estimate people correctly. Background and education level often still play the leading role in the selection of new staff, while we believe that many good matches are missed as a result.”

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“Unlike many other sectors, there is still little innovation to be found in the recruitment world. We decided to develop a tool that removes prejudices from the selection process.” “A lot of research has been done on the predictors of success in the labor market and a combination of personality and cognitive skills appears to be more important than education and work experience. Of course there are already many methods for measuring the latter two, but we believe that these standard questionnaires and assignments are not sufficient. They’re boring, you can train for them in advance and they don’t take cultural differences into account – for example in the way you ask questions.” “Games are fun and take away many of the drawbacks of traditional methods. That’s why we initially started buying games that test certain skills, but now we have a team that develops the games ourselves.” How does it work exactly?

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“Companies can order our software directly on our website, or they can request a demo. We will then visit you to explain exactly what we do and what the options are.” “We offer various packages. For example, depending on the size and the wishes of the company, they can opt for just the software, but we can also play a guiding role during the application process.” “Once the software has been installed, we recommend that our customers start with a team analysis.And so you often get a better idea of ​​what you need. “We believe that every company is different and so are their needs. Organizations often stick to traditional job descriptions, when they may have a need for something different. We can advise on the basis of such a team analysis.” “After the team analysis, organizations can therefore look for personnel in a more targeted manner. Applicants are asked to respond via LinkedIn and they also immediately have to play some games based on which it is determined who can come for an interview. All this happens in the online environment of our customer.”

Companies can order our software directly on our website or they can request

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Who is it for?

“In principle, any company can use our software, from SMEs to large corporates. This is also reflected in our international and fast-growing customer base.”

“Of course, our clients mainly want to find the right person to strengthen their team, but we also notice that many of them choose us because we strive for a more inclusive and more diverse business community.” “We see that the diversity issue is much more prevalent in companies than a few years ago. When we started two years ago. we often had to tell organizations that things could be better and now they are generally aware of this and that is why they choose our tool.”

“Our own organization is the prime example of what our tool can mean for diversity within your company. Of course we hire all our staff with our own software and that has resulted in a team that consists of 50 percent women and with employees from 15 different countries.”

How important is it what you do?

“Diversity within a company is not only important because everyone should have equal opportunities on the labor market, it is also better for the organization itself. When only the same kind of people work in a company, that doesn’t work.”

“It is important that employees have different qualities and backgrounds so that they complement each other. So companies should not only strive for an inclusive hiring policy because they want to work for a better world, but also because their company actually benefits from it.”

“In addition, we also think that the traditional selection methods of employees based solely on background and experience are no longer up to date. The job market is changing at a rapid pace. Many current jobs will no longer exist in 10 years and many new types of jobs will also be created.

Author: Jobly