These are the most popular employers among Dutch students in 2021: Central government, Tesla and Apple

He is there again! The annual ranking of most popular employers among students from research agency Universum. This year, more than 28,000 bachelor’s and master’s students from 53 higher education institutions were asked about their career goals and ideal employers.

You could set the clock in the right direction, but the corona pandemic with all the uncertainties and limitations has of course had a major effect on study choices. For example, the researchers at Universum see a clear trend towards certainty in job choice and both business students and law students have lost their appetite for an international career.

Vision of a solid future career appears to have become more important for law, technology and business students. In addition, law students are showing an increasing interest in “the human side” of companies. Up-and-coming young lawyers aspire to an employer who can provide them with a friendly work environment, respect their people and give them inspiring purpose.

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For the first time in five years, business and tech students are making a smaller selection of companies they would like to work for before making a choice. That is also corona: companies are less visible and, because universities and universities of applied sciences had to operate largely online, were less able to attract the attention of students.

Technical students seem to be mainly focused on finding an innovative employer this year. They do want this employer to offer a friendly working climate. It is interesting to conclude that in the past five years Dutch employers have become increasingly attractive to students.

Below we discuss rankings of most attractive employers according to students for law students, tech students and business and marketing students respectively.

Most popular employers among law students in 2021: Central government in first place

Where would our law students prefer to work in 2021? Unbeaten in first place: the national government, the most popular among law students since 2013. No less than 37 percent of those polled opt for it. The government is followed in second place with a newcomer in the top 10: Defence, where 21 percent of the students want to work. This debut comes at the expense of last year’s number 2, law firm Loyens & Loeff, which now has to settle for bronze. In fourth place De Haan Lawyers & Notaries. This was in fifth place last year, but has changed hands with Trip Advocaten & Notarissen. The Tax and Customs Administration has moved to sixth place at the expense of Apple. So Apple is on 7th place, KLM is on number 8, which was still in 3rd place last year. At number 9 still steady the municipality of Amsterdam.Risers in this year’s top 20 are: De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen, the Tax Authorities, Van Diepen Van der Kroef Advocaten, the Municipality of Rotterdam, De Nederlandsche Bank and ING. Fallers in the top 20: Loyens & Loeff, Trip Advocaten & Notarissen, Apple, KLM, Google, Baker McKenzie, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Nike Houthoff, EY and Stibbe.

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Most popular employers among technical students in 2021: Tesla, Google and the central government

Where do techies prefer to work? Students from technical universities and colleges seem a bit more conservative in their preferences, because the top 3 is unchanged compared to last year: Tesla is prominently in first place, where 22 percent of tech students want to work. That is, for the fifth year in a row. Silver goes back to Google with almost 14 percent of the vote, and the third most popular is again, yes, the central government, with more than 13 percent. That makes little difference!

Up from fifth to fourth place: Eindhoven’s tech pride Philips, a promotion at the expense of Apple. Another homegrown tech company in 6th place: ASML, which took 10th place last year. Another riser is Microsoft. Last year the American software giant was still in 9th place, now it takes 7th place, pushing Rijkswaterstaat to 8th place. Just like in the Rights category, the Ministry of Defense also makes its debut in this ranking, which takes 9th place, above KLM, which comes last from 6th place in the top 10. Risers in the top 20: Philips, ASML, Microsoft, Volvo Cars, European Space Agency, Sony, Siemens and Schiphol Group.

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Dalers in the top 20: Apple, Rijkswaterstaat, KLM, Shell, Unilever and Heineken.

Most popular employers among business & marketing students in 2021: Apple, Tesla and Heineken

Finally: what did business and marketing students choose?

The winner in this ranking is Apple, which knocks KLM out of first place. Little business in aviation, it seems. In second place comes Tesla, which was still in sixth place last year. Last year’s number 2 moves up a bit: the bronze goes to brewer Heineken. The fourth place remains unchanged, which will be occupied by Nike in both 2020 and 2021. Then at number 5 follows the bleeding from many wounds and the state-infused airline KLM. Last year’s number 1 as the most attractive employer has undeniably fallen victim to the corona restrictions. With its new positioning, KLM is taking last year’s number 5 one step lower: Google goes from 5 to 6. In 7th place comes the central government, which promotes one place compared to 2020. Another newcomer in the list: by far Coolblue debuts in the top 10 in 8th place.Closer in the top 10 is Rabobank.

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Risers in the top 20: Apple, Tesla, central government, Coolblue, L’Oréal Group,, ING, Deloitte and ABN Amro.

Fallers in the top 20: Heineken, KLM, Google, Unilever, Rabobank, Coca Cola European Partners, Adidas, Schiphol Group and TUI.

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