These are the 3 most important negotiating points when applying for jobs – and the difference between men and women

That new job is almost in, but then there are often still some tricky points. Can’t the salary be a little higher? And those fixed working hours are actually not very convenient at all. The vast majority of applicants do not blindly accept the employer’s offer. Last year, 86 percent of all candidates negotiated employment conditions during the application procedure, according to research by Intelligence Group based on the Labor Market Behavior Survey. Men put more emphasis on the financial conditions, while women more often discuss working comfort. Here are the three main negotiating points when applying for jobs:

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1. Good salary

Just over half of applicants negotiate salary. There is a clear difference between men and women. In total, 61 percent of the men enter the conversation for a better salary and 49 percent of the women. For men, that average has increased by 1 percentage point compared to 2019, while for women it has decreased by 2 percentage points.

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2. Permanent contract

In second place is whether or not to get a permanent contract. Men also cut this slightly more often than women. For 43 percent of the men it is important enough to still discuss it during the application procedure, while this is the case for 39 percent of the women.

In second place is whether or not to get a

3. Working hours

Working hours are a more important issue for women than for men. Intelligence Group research shows that 37 percent of female applicants negotiate working hours, compared to 30 percent for men.

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According to Intelligence Group, the differences in focus between men and women in the negotiations are a possible explanation for the difference in employment conditions: “Is it really a matter of own initiative?”

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