These are the 15 most popular employers among employees in commercial, technical and legal positions

If it is up to highly educated employees, they prefer to work for the national government. The Ministry of Defense has even made it to the top of attractive employers for professionals from scratch. Heineken, Tesla, Coolblue and ASML also score well.

This is apparent from a poll published on Thursday by research agency Universum among 16,634 Dutch professionals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, whether or not they have a PhD. The employees are divided into commercial, legal and technical professions.

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The survey conducted between October 2020 and April 2021 found, among other things, that 32 percent of Dutch respondents do not plan to change jobs in the next four years. Last year, 23 percent were single.

According to Universum, the corona pandemic has made it more important for professionals that employers take good care of their employees. Examples include supporting gender equality, diversity and inclusion policies and corporate social responsibility.

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When it comes to popular employers, KLM has clearly suffered from the corona crisis. The national government is proving to be a formidable competitor and will be the most attractive employer in all three groups in 2021. The Department of Defense has made it out of nowhere to rank second among legal professionals. Popular employers among professionals

The table shows the 15 most popular employers among professionals with commercial positions:

It can be seen that the central government has moved from third place to number one, while Heineken retains its second place. Coolblue moves up two places and gets a place in the top 3.

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KLM plummeted, possibly due to the corona crisis, from one to six. And Apple lost two spots. Big increase is Albert Heijn, which climbed from 17 to 11. On to professionals with technical professions. Here are their 15 favorite employers:

The central government is also the favorite among this group of employees, just like last year. Tesla has moved from 3 to 2 while Google has lost one spot and is in third place this year. Here too, KLM plummeted, from 6 to 14. IKEA had to give up four places, putting the furniture giant in 11th place. The biggest climber among the techies in the top 15 is ASML, which climbed six places, from 14 to 4, while Coolblue moved four places from 11 to 7. Competitor is number 15, last year at 16. Finally, the employees with legal functions.In third place is the Tax and Customs Administration, which was still in fifth place last year. Big gainers for employees in legal professions are Philips, ING and L’Oréal Group, who rose by 8, 6 and 5 places respectively. Heineken lost just five spots and dropped from 3 to 8. Read more about jobs:

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