These are the 10 most important qualities of the ideal boss – just communicating and being involved is not enough

The Dutch want an honest, committed and well-communicating boss. This is apparent from research by Motivaction on behalf of Talentsoft into the characteristics of the ideal manager. Talentsoft has compiled a list of the 10 most important qualities that a good boss should have. Honesty is number one, involvement is number two and good communication is number three. But the ideal boss has to meet more requirements, says HR journalist and content manager Neelie Verlinden of Talentsoft.

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“It’s not enough just being involved with your employees and being able to communicate well,” she explains. “Employees find it very important that you as an employer show that you are passionate and driven.” In terms of style, servant leadership is by far the most popular. Dutch employees prefer to see a manager who wants others to perform better, who offers support and who knows how to ignore himself at the right moments. The Dutch also find it important for a boss to be decisive and decisive. Conviviality and humor also play a role that should not be underestimated: “So this is exactly the difference between an ordinary good manager and a fantastic manager,” says Verlinden. “As a boss, you can really distinguish yourself by being social and empathetic towards your employees in addition to the basic requirements and by ensuring that there is a pleasant and good atmosphere in the workplace.” According to the Dutch, these are the 10 most important characteristics of the ideal manager:

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  • Honestly
  • Concerned
  • Communicative
  • Empathetic
  • Decisive
  • Decisive
  • Binding together
  • Credible
  • Patient
  • Driven
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Author: Jobly