These 45 professional services professions will earn you between €3,000 and €4,000 – from scrum master to consultant

Anyone who works in business services is either doing well or very badly. Sectors within the business services sector have been hit rather unevenly by the corona crisis. For example, employees in the travel industry have a hard time, while there is more than enough work in IT services or legal aid.

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The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has calculated for 2020 a decrease in turnover of no less than 10 percent for all business services. And that pain is unequally distributed: the travel industry underperformed with a 63 percent decline, while the turnover of IT service providers grew by 1.2 percent for the whole of 2020. Where things also went very well with a turnover increase of 5.8 percent: in legal services. Anyone who is fired will fight it with the employer in court.

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Other climbers are administrative services (accountancy, tax advice and administration) and architectural firms.If you want a big bank account, then you are at the top of the salary spectrum as a financial controller, Transfer Pricing Manager or business advisor/senior consultant. These professions have an indicative salary ceiling of 12,000 euros, 9,000 euros and 8,000 euros respectively. But there are also other jobs with attractive salary caps in business services, such as SAP Consultant and Program Manager. So plenty of choice.

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Author: Jobly