These 10 things are most important to employees when looking for a job

What job hunters like to see in a vacancy does not always match what employers state in it. What employees value most is often not mentioned. This is according to research by Intelligence Group. The most important factors for employees are a good salary, a permanent contract and a good working atmosphere. For more than half (55 percent) of the Dutch working population, a good salary is one of the main reasons for choosing an employer. According to Intelligence Group, a good salary has been at the top of the list of employees for some time now. However, not all employers respond to this. Of all vacancies that are posted, a salary is stated in only 26 percent of cases, according to research by Jobdigger. Although this percentage has increased in 2020 from 18 percent in 2019, this does not alter the fact that in a large part of the vacancies, a salary indication is not even given. In addition to salary, there are more factors that attract employees. These are the 10 most popular:

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  • Good salary
  • Working atmosphere
  • Permanent contract
  • Contents of the work
  • Close to home/acceptable travel time
  • Challenge of work
  • Independence in the position
  • Acceptable working pressure
  • Variety of work
  • Good fringe benefits

Looking at professional groups, there are some differences. For example, men seem to find the salary even slightly more important than women, 60 versus 50 percent. And as age increases, the importance of a good salary decreases. For example, 58 percent of the working population under the age of 30 considers salary an important factor. This is 51 percent among the over-50s. Differences are also visible when splitting up by level of education. 59 percent of all pre-vocational secondary education students consider a good salary an important reason for choosing an employer, compared to 52 percent of university graduates. Read more about applying:

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