These 10 startups are most popular with Dutch LinkedIn users: Picnic, Crisp, Felyx, Otrium and Lightyear in the top 5

Digital, sustainable and innovative. That’s what users of the business social platform LinkedIn love, according to the new edition of the Top Startups list that was published on Wednesday. LinkedIn annually compiles a top 10 of fast-growing and popular startups. This includes private companies with at least 50 employees that have existed for a maximum of seven years, have their head office in the Netherlands and experienced at least 15 percent staff growth during the measurement period. In this case from January to July 2021. Companies are ranked based on interest in the company, staff growth, engagement with employees, interest in job openings and ability to attract talent. For the Netherlands this results in the following list. The top three are led by online supermarket Picnic, which has consistently focused on a delivery model with electric vans. The number two is Crisp, also an online supermarket, but in this case a company that focuses on quality products from the neighborhood. In third place is Felyx, an e-scooter platform that focuses on shared mobility in cities. This is followed by online fashion outlet Otrium, which sells residual stocks from top brands at a discount. And in fifth place is the maker of the solar car Lightyear. Lightyear and Felyx: focus on sustainable mobility

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CEOs Lex Hoefsloot of Lightyear and Quinten Selhorst of Felyx were recently guests in Business Insider’s podcast The Next Move, presented by strategic advisor Diederik Heinink. According to Hoefsloot, the next group of consumers who will have to drive electric in the next 10 to 15 years will be more demanding than what the market can offer now. “What we looked at with Lightyear is how we can get that next group into an electric car. This concerns the same criticisms that you heard 20 years ago: electric cars are too expensive, charging takes time and you have to look for charging stations. ”

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Felyx did think about making the electric scooters themselves. “But the development in the design of scooters and batteries is going so fast that it doesn’t make much sense to try to design something yourself now,” says Selhorst. “As soon as we have developed the best product, something similar has either been launched by another company or other parties with a lot of capacity can replicate it in a short time. ”

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Author: Jobly