The plumber and carpenter can charge considerably more this year, their rates increase by more than 32 percent – ​​a machine mechanic is even 44 percent more expensive

Self-employed workers can expect a significant rate increase in 2022. Large increases are expected, especially within the practical professions. There, the increases are sometimes above 20 percent, and machine technicians are even expected to improve by more than 44 percent.

A rate prediction model developed by labor market data specialist Intelligence Group and developed in collaboration with HR service provider HeadFirst Group also shows that a reduction should only be taken into account in 3 occupational groups. Logistics managers suffer the most; with a rate reduction of more than 8 percent.

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The expected rate increase is over 7 percent measured across all occupational groups. Highly educated professionals have the worst results, they see the rates go up by only about 5 percent. In the practical professions in particular, the increase is above average. For the profession with the best prospects, the machine mechanic, their rate increase of 44.6% means that a senior machine mechanic will soon be able to charge 64 euros per hour.

Significant increase in the practical professions

In the practical professions, in addition to the machine mechanics, the plumbers and pipe fitters stand out with an increase of more than 36 percent. Other professions that are expected to benefit from better rates are carpenters (more than 32%), electricians and electronics technicians (more than 28%), assembly workers (also more than 28%) and farmers and foresters (almost 26%).

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Not all highly educated professionals get off very well, the study concluded. The electrical engineer sees the hourly rate rise the fastest (more than 40%). A senior engineer has the prospect of an hourly rate of 107 euros.

Geert-Jan Waasdorp, director and founder of Intelligence Group: “Tariff increases are primarily explained by a constant year-on-year increase of 1.8 percent. Logically, inflation plays an important role in this, but the development of the vacancy rate also has an influence.”

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“As it falls or rises, and so the market becomes tighter or more spacious compared to the previous year, the rate moves with it. These two factors largely explain the variance in the prediction model.”

The model is based on nine factors, including the income development of the self-employed, inflation, economic growth and vacancy rate.

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