The Good Busy platform wants to encourage companies to let employees do voluntary work: ‘It can be more than once a year painting the community center’

More and more companies feel the need to contribute to society. The only question is often: how?

The new platform Good Busy wants to invite companies to shape their social involvement by deploying their employees as volunteers.

By freeing up space for voluntary work, you as a company not only contribute to a better world; it also creates a corporate culture where people would like to (continue to) work, says industry association Nederlandse Organisaties Vrijwilligerswerk (NOV) – the initiator of the platform. NOV’s Monique de Bree tells Business Insider about the motivations for starting Good Busy and about the benefits for society, employees and employers that volunteering entails.

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What exactly is Good Busy?

De Bree: “Good Busy was created in the context of the National Year of Voluntary Dedication of the NOV. By working together with parties such as MKB-Nederland and VNO-NCW, we want to make it easy for companies to ‘do good’.”

“We offer an online community where entrepreneurs can get tips, handles and inspiration about employee volunteering. We share experience stories, but also, for example, an overview of organizations that can bring volunteers from the business world into contact with non-profit organizations that need knowledge and expertise. And we offer free toolkits for companies with which they can step by step design and get started with their own employee volunteer program. to make such a connection. And we try to give interested companies the best possible picture of the possibilities in the field of employee volunteer work.”

We offer an online community where entrepreneurs can

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Why did you set this up?

“More and more entrepreneurs want to contribute to the social issues of our time, such as loneliness or poverty. Volunteering by employees is of course a good way to do something with that.”

“We noticed at NOV that many companies are open to this, but often they don’t know how and where to start. By making our knowledge and network available, we want to help and unite these companies.Such initiatives are of course good, but we hope to inspire what we call ‘transformative volunteer work’: a collaboration with a sustainable character that really has a positive effect on a company and its employees.”

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Why is this so important?

“By volunteering as a company, you contribute to a more sustainable, social and more beautiful society. That is of course a goal in itself. But deploying it together with your colleagues for someone else also does an awful lot for your company itself. It is not only good for the reputation of your company, it also ensures happy employees and contributes to a good dynamic in the workplace.”

“Research shows that companies experience much less turnover if employees feel connected because their employer shows that they are involved in society. More and more people, especially young people, no longer want to work for a company that does nothing for someone else.” “In this time when many companies are rethinking the implementation of their employee policy and finding and retaining talented employees a challenge is; does volunteering add a lot of value to a company.” What do you hope to achieve with this in the end?

Research shows that companies experience much less turnover if employees feel

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“We dream of a world in which we are all committed to supporting social issues. Good Busy is a way to give shape to that. How nice would it be if volunteering was integrated as standard within the business process? That its added value is taken for granted by everyone.” “There are already companies that demonstrate that this is possible. I am thinking, for example, of Bizzomate, one of the companies that is affiliated with our platform. This IT company gives all its employees the space to fill 10 percent of their working time with volunteer work. That’s what shapes a company, it creates a certain culture and attracts committed people.” “Of course, involvement doesn’t have to be this high in all companies; it starts with small steps and sometimes that is enough. But we are truly convinced that voluntary work in a company context does not only benefit society, but also companies themselves. It’s an interaction.”

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