Tax authorities remain popular as an employer: 50,000 job applications last year

Despite the negative news about the allowance affair, the Tax and Customs Administration is popular as an employer. Last year, nearly 50,000 people applied to the Tax Authorities, a quarter more than in 2019. This growth has been going on for a number of years: in 2017, around 15,000 applicants applied to the Tax Authorities.

Applicants say that the appeal lies in the social relevance of the work, the content of the position, the responsibilities you can be given early in your career and the development opportunities. The Tax and Customs Administration is also regarded as a solid employer. “But we also see that some people are extra motivated to work for us, precisely because of the publicity, in order to contribute to improving the Tax and Customs Administration”, says Monique van de Bospoort, Head of Inflow at the Tax and Customs Administration. In the allowance affair, thousands of parents have been falsely accused in a derailed hunt for childcare allowance fraud. They had to pay back huge amounts, leaving many in deep financial trouble.

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More applications at the tax authorities than open vacancies

Because the Tax and Customs Administration needs more people, the number of vacant positions at the Tax and Customs Administration also increased. However, this increase was less strong than that in the number of job applications. For example, the number of vacant positions increased by 5 percent in 2020, compared to the growth in the number of applicants of about 25 percent. In 2019 there were an average of 11 applicants per vacant position, in 2020 that had increased to 13.

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Van de Bospoort: “Fortunately, the recruitment process is going well and we are getting a lot of responses to our vacancies. About 4000 applications per month is huge, we are also very happy with that, but that is not enough. We want to be ready for the future and also continue to bring in new people for scarce positions. The main reason is that we need more capacity to carry out our tasks. In this way we try to make it as easy as possible for everyone to arrange their taxes. In this way we contribute to a financially healthy Netherlands.”

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Author: Jobly