Significantly more demand for healthcare personnel and drivers – even the number of vacancies in the cultural sector is increasing

The demand for healthcare personnel is increasing again after a dip in the summer months. According to the monthly job market update from job site Indeed, there is a significant increase in demand for doctors, nurses and surgeons.

But also in home care, the number of vacancies is increasing again for the first time in a long time, albeit slightly. Furthermore, in the Netherlands, as in other countries, there is a great shortage of drivers and deliverers.

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For nurses, the annual increase is 44 percent. The number of vacancies for doctors and surgeons increased by a fifth. There were 2.4 percent more vacancies in home care.

The driver and delivery industry vacancies are currently the highest of any industry, according to Indeed, at 45 percent above pre-pandemic levels. As the economy picks up, more is being consumed. According to Indeed, this has a direct impact on the demand for truck drivers. Meals and groceries deliverers are also included in this group by Indeed.

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What is also striking is the increased number of vacancies in the art and culture sector. This sector was hit hard by the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Now that many measures have been phased out and theaters and pop venues are open again, there is also more work. The demand for people is expected to increase further as more restrictions are lifted.

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Indeed claims to be the largest job site in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The company helps job seekers in more than 60 countries find work and has millions of job openings.

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Author: Jobly