Set smart goals and 2 more tips to make work easier and rewarding in 2022 and beyond

  • Over the past two years, the boundaries between work and private life have become blurred, causing additional work stress for many employees
  • Setting smart goals and clarifying work processes can lighten the workday
  • 3 tips for managers to create a better work-life balance in 2022 and beyond

Since we often work from home, the working days have become longer, we have the feeling that we always have to be reachable, it is sometimes very unclear how the work processes run exactly and it is more difficult to let go of our work in the evening. Because the laptop with all work documents is always within reach.

More and more employees no longer want to live that way and voluntarily quit their jobs. In the United States, there were already 11 million in the first half of 2021. In Western Europe too, employees no longer want their lives to be dominated by their work. Economists call this movement The Great Resignation.

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Yet you really don’t have to drastically change your life right away and quit your job or sell your company if you want less work stress. Fortunately, you can also create a better work-life balance for yourself and your team with a few adjustments. Make sure the processes are clear

A study by the work management platform Asana, called The Anatomy of Work Index 2021, shows that employees spend 60% of their workday on ‘work over work’. These are tasks such as: communicating about work, searching for information, managing projects and checking the status of projects. For this study, practices of 13,000 knowledge workers from eight countries worldwide were analyzed. The cause of this cumbersome working method: inefficient processes. If the process isn’t clear and people don’t know who does what when, employees get bogged down in endless emails, spreadsheets, and meetings to check the status of a project. For many companies this may be the norm, but it leads to a lot of frustration and wasted time.

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That is why it is important that projects are well coordinated. To improve coordination, everyone must have access to all the information they need, no matter where they work. A work management platform can make this possible. As the single source where everything comes together, employees can find everything they need in one place. Think of document deadlines, roles and responsibilities. It makes clear to everyone what his role is, his responsibilities and deadlines. When all processes and information can be found centrally, everyone can manage their work and time more effectively.

2. Set Smart Goals

Successful companies have a clear vision of what they contribute to the world, and why.Good leaders recognize this and understand that employees are most engaged when their efforts contribute directly to the company’s purpose. When your team has clarity about the company goals and knows what has priority, the chance of motivated employees is therefore greater.

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In order to promote the intrinsic motivation of employees, it is therefore important to set clear goals that contribute to the company mission. Also help employees create their own goals that contribute to the larger goal. Using a work management platform is useful: it gives you the ability to set goals so that everyone immediately sees how their goals contribute to the company mission.

Tip: formulate goals SMART. That stands for: specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-bound. Formulating goals in this way helps you set controllable and achievable goals. You also know whether the goals have been achieved and when they have been achieved. No more vague and confusing plans that only cause confusion and stress.

3. Switch Apps Less

Asana’s research shows that people switch between ten different apps on average 25 times a day to do their job. Chat programs and video meetings are frequently used to keep in touch with colleagues despite working remotely. While e-mail, Whatsapp and the good old telephone also demand their attention.

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More than a quarter of those surveyed (27 percent) say this switching misses messages, sometimes duplicating work. 26 percent say they are less productive because of this way of working. They also find it more difficult to prioritize their work, having to sift through emails, instant messages, documents, spreadsheets and more to find out what’s going on. Inevitably, this waste of time leads to dissatisfaction, lower morale and dissatisfied teams. It is clear that something has to change to make work more enjoyable and productive.

Using a work management platform, such as Asana, can therefore save employees a lot of stress. They bring teams together in one place. Teams can easily coordinate work across the organization so that nothing falls between two stools. Or simply scale processes as projects grow and even integrate third-party tools so they spend less time switching between apps. This way work comes to them, distractions are removed and more time is left for strategic – and rewarding – work.

Keeping all important information, such as documents, deadlines, and goals in one place, eliminates the need to switch between apps.Clear processes, smart goals and everything in one place

Using work management platforms, leaders can ensure that their teams are clear about their priorities and can act on them. By setting and monitoring goals, employees can link their day-to-day work to their employer’s missions and gain insight into the contribution they are making. Bringing everything together in one place reduces the time spent searching for information tucked deep into emails or apps.

With clarity about goals and processes, more time to focus on meaningful work and less time wasted on meetings, you and your team can achieve results and close your laptop at the end of the day with peace of mind.

Want to learn more about how work management can transform the way you work? Check out Asana’s Anatomy of Work Index 2021 and discover even more about how companies, teams and individuals can thrive in the coming year.

Author: Jobly