Rise in the number of vacancies in the Netherlands stagnates in November – that’s how big the differences between sectors are

The number of vacancies in the Netherlands did not increase further in November for the first time in months. Indeed reports this in its monthly job market update. The number of vacancies is still very high and is more than a third above the level of February last year, before the corona crisis.

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Demand for human resources employees is huge, 64 percent higher than before the pandemic. “This shows that employers are still very busy with recruiting, but that this is not going to be easy,” said Arjan Vissers, strategist at Indeed. “Employers need help finding the right people. In fact, the vacancies for human resources officers and interns for the HR department are among the most advertised jobs of the past year.”

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The number of vacancies in childcare declined for the second month in a row. That number is still a quarter higher than before the corona crisis. According to Vissers, that can mean different things. “Either the vacancies have been filled, or the vacancies are on hold due to a possible closure of the childcare. Working from home is also a reality again, as a result of which many children are no longer sent to childcare.”

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More people are being sought in regular education. There are 44 percent more vacancies there than before the outbreak of the corona virus. Education is still one of the sectors with the most vacancies.

That also applies to healthcare. Demand in that sector has remained stable over the past two months. The number of jobs offered by retailers also remained more or less the same last month, while it increased by a quarter in October. “Due to the limited opening hours, the need for store staff has stabilized for now,” says Vissers. “However, demand is still higher than before the pandemic and labor market tightness persists.”

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Author: Jobly