Podcast The Next Move with Lieke Schepers (Yacht) and Marcel Molenaar (LinkedIn): how the mute button makes virtual meetings more inclusive

The corona crisis has forced changes at an accelerated pace on many fronts. The enhanced digitization of work processes is one of the most striking developments. There is a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of video conferencing.

In the second episode of the podcast The Next Move, CEO Lieke Schepers of Yacht and country manager Benelux Marcel Molenaar of LinkedIn discuss, among other things, what they notice about virtual meetings via Zoom, Teams or Hangouts.

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“You partly miss the lively discussion in such a virtual meeting,” says Schepers. “But it is also true that everyone has their own speaking time. One person is always speaking and the others are on mute. Colleagues who may not be able to express themselves well or who have to think a little longer about their point of view are also given the time to express their opinion. And the rest listen. Difficult discussions really become better, more inclusive as a result. You make more use of the talent and perspectives of each individual.”

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Molenaar indicates that the person who leads a video call must make it clear what he or she expects in terms of interaction. “If you are in a call and you ask a question, but to no one in particular, it will be quieter faster than in a meeting where you sit down at the table. So you have to actively indicate what you expect and ask people more directly what they think about virtual meetings.”

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In the second episode of The Next Move, Schepers and Molenaar discuss a wide range of topics: opportunities and challenges in the labor market, the role of leaders in coaching their employees, the importance of learning and training, and the future of hybrid work, at home and in the office.

As a brokerage specialist for highly educated professionals, Yacht has a good overview of the developments in the top segment of working people in the Netherlands. Business platform LinkedIn follows the pulse of the labor market and the economy in a broad sense with data-driven research. The Business Insider Netherlands podcast is presented by Diederik Heinink, strategic advisor and author of the book The Era of the Who, about leadership in a rapidly changing world in which demanding and critical consumers place increasingly higher demands on companies and brands.

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Listen to the second episode of The Next Move with Lieke Schepers and Marcel Molenaar below:

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Author: Jobly