Number of vacancies according to Indeed almost back to pre-corona crisis level – travel sector is in better shape

The number of vacancies is almost back to the level it was before the corona crisis. Job site Indeed reports this based on its own figures. In the tourism sector, too, some vacancies were added last month.

At the end of last month, had nearly 6 percent fewer job openings than it had been during the same period before the pandemic. This means that the job market continues to improve, after it reached a low point around June last year. Then there were about 40 percent fewer vacancies than usual.

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According to a spokesperson, the relaxation of the corona measures will lead to new vacancies. “If the recovery continues in this way, it will not be long before we are at pre-coronavirus levels,” she says. Indeed saw the number of job broker vacancies rise sharply last month, which the company says is a good sign for employment.

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Travel sector is in better shape

While the travel industry still has more than a third fewer vacancies than usual, it is in better shape than last month. At that time, there were almost half as many vacancies as usual. The prospect of holidays with a vaccination passport has contributed to this, Indeed thinks.

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The new vacancies include jobs as host or hostess and as a tour guide. According to Frank Oostdam of the trade association ANVR, a third of the staff in the travel industry has left since the corona pandemic. But because only “30 to 50 percent of the normal number of trips” will probably be organized next summer, this should not lead to capacity problems, he says.

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Indeed claims to be the largest job site in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The company helps job seekers in more than 60 countries find work and has millions of job openings.

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