More than 2 million new jobs in the Netherlands until 2026 – technology, care and education offer the best opportunity

The labor market is doing reasonably well due to the corona pandemic. More than 2 million jobs will be created by 2026, while 1.6 million people graduate and enter the job market, Maastricht University researched. However, job opportunities differ between directions. Most job opportunities are in technology, healthcare and education. The prospects on the labor market are less favorable than before the pandemic.

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The prospects on the labor market are best for the higher educated. Graduates of an economics and society program find it less easy to find work, across all levels of this education. Many jobs are expected in business economics and administrative professions, as well as in services, commercial professions such as sales, and transport and logistics. However, there is also a lot on offer.

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According to Didier Fouarge, research leader and director of the Research Center for Education and Labor Market (ROA) that conducted the study, this means that graduates in these fields have to look for a job longer, or receive less favorable working conditions, such as a lower salary or a temporary contract. . Due to the large differences in job opportunities between study options, Fouarge argues in favor that more attention should be paid to labor market opportunities already at school.

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Prognosis less favorable than before the crisis

Although many jobs are expected, the forecasts for the labor market in the coming years are less favorable than for the virus outbreak. The demand for new staff is mainly due to people who quit their jobs and not directly from the employment that is growing, according to the research. Most of the jobs that become vacant are jobs that require a replacement. The rest of the jobs are created by economic growth.

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There will also be a shortage in the sectors where there is the greatest chance of a job in the coming years, so that employers will continue to have problems recruiting sufficient staff until 2026. The message that technology is a good job choice is not yet received enough by prospective students, says Fouarge.

In addition, the pandemic creates uncertainty, because its short- and long-term effects are still unclear. In the medium term, in addition to the current economic growth, structural trends in supply and demand also play a role, such as automation, the flexible shell, the learning of skills and the effects of the retirement age. The researchers do not yet know what the effect of the pandemic is on these trends.

Author: Jobly