Marianne de Boer (CEO Aegon Cappital): ‘Join the Pensioen3daagse!’

The 11th edition of the national Pension3 Days will take place on 2, 3 and 4 November. Marianne de Boer, CEO of Aegon Cappital, calls on employers to participate en masse and has two practical tips.

The Pensioen3daagse is an initiative of the Money Wise platform. During the Pensioen3daagse, many organizations demand extra attention for pensions. The theme for 2021 is: Well arranged later? Check it out now!

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Research shows that employers can play a major role in activating their employees with regard to the pension theme. As an employer, do you also want to draw attention to the pension theme in a clear and easy way? View the Money Wise toolkit.

Two practical tips from Marianne

Tip 1: Make it easy

In fact, pension is nothing more than deferred wages. Although it may take years or decades before it is in your account, it is still smart to make the right choices now. A good conversation about this between employer and employee does not have to be about the technology at all.

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Tip 2: Make it fun

Thinking ahead is important in retirement. But information certainly doesn’t have to be boring. So look at what else you can do besides that information letter and the annual pension overview. For example, at Aegon Cappital we have a pension pub quiz and a pension barista.

Thinking ahead is important in retirement

A bonus: pension information not only helps your employees, but also your own organization. It ensures:

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  • More appreciation for the pension scheme as an employment condition
  • Financial peace of mind for employees, which contributes to less absenteeism and higher productivity
  • Fewer pension questions in the HR department
  • Well-informed employees who know where they stand. A great example of good employership!

In short: employers, do not hesitate and sign up today for the Pensioen3daagse. You do your employees a favor with it and it is good for your company.

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Author: Jobly